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How to stretch the weaker Australian dollar when travelling overseas!

How to stretch your Australian Dollar further when travelling overseas

1- If you plan ahead, consider different destinations and be smart about where to go. The Aussie has lost ground against multiple currencies this year but it’s still going great guns in Asia,

2- Pay for as much as you can of your travel before you go. This way you lock in a rate and you know how much you have left to budget for spending money.

3- You can generally save by shopping around for discounts on airfares and packages.

4- You may shorten your stay or opt for four-star accommodation rather than five.

5- Cruising is a good option for falling dollar better than other types of holidays because the accommodation, transport, meals and entertainment are all included in the fare. And cruising on Australian-based cruise lines where the AUD is the onboard currency, means you can travel overseas without having to worry about foreign exchange shifts.

6- Avoid airports and tourist areas as the currency exchange businesses in these areas have a captive audience and will offer the worst exchange rates and higher fees and commissions.

7- Try to pay in the local currency rather than the dollar when using credit cards or travel money cards as Australian funds attract higher fees and a steep exchange rate.

8- Travel money cards lock in foreign currency at that day’s exchange rate. You won’t be charged withdrawal fees from international ATMs, and you avoid the sting of overseas credit card charges.

Thank you for reading and hope you will have great holiday!

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