Traveling is a very rewarding experience for a lot of people out there; you get to visit new places, see new landmarks, learn about new cultures, etc. The most important thing about traveling is finding a company that provides a complete package, a company such as us. Here at Tweet World Travel we provide you with everything you could ever need such as suggested airlines, hotels, car rentals, and tour packages.

Venice Regata Storica

Venice Regata Storica

Europe is a very sought after destination thanks to its variety; with places such as Italy, Greece, and France, you have a lot to see! We offer a big collection of tour packages for Europe, and we are sure you will find something to your liking. Here are some of our tours, but make sure you visit our main website for the full listing:

Great Capitals and Vintages of the Danube

An 11 day tour, this particular package will not just have you staying at hotels, but will also take you on a luxurious cruise known as the “Celebration of Wine river cruise”. You will explore different many different places such as Prague, Regensburg, Vilshofen, Melk, Vienna, and more. In each city you visit we have a lot of interesting things planned, such as the very special “Oktoberfest” you will celebrate in the town of Vilshofen. It’s not just that of course, you will also get to attend a series of wine lectures and tastings, visit Caias de Gaia and taste port, enjoy Spanish cuisine, and more. This tour includes a total of 23 meals, 10 of which are breakfasts, 6 are lunches, and 7 are dinners.

Highlights of the Danube

This 15 day tour will start off with Munich, the beautiful German city, and will then continue with a 7 night river cruise. Places you will visit in this tour include Melk, Vienna, Passaue, Regensburg and more. Filled with beautiful and historical treasures, this package will have you do many interesting things such as touring up to 15 different towns with the local tour guides.

Along with everything else, you also get 31 meals (14 breakfasts, 8 lunches, and 9 dinners) plus free, all inclusive drinks everyday while on the cruise.

French Gardens in Spring – Paris to Nice

A little shorter than the earlier tours, this one will last 9 days and will have you explore France including Paris, Nice, Avignon, and Loire Valley. If it is a wish of yours to visit France, this package is the perfect opportunity for you! The trip highlights include the exploration of the Le Cinque Terre villages, Tour Grasse Perfumery, and Châteaux Chenonceaux. If food is your preference, you will be glad to know that this tour includes a classical Burgundy meal with wine. Continuing on the same topic, this package includes a total of 12 meals (8 breakfasts and 4 dinners).


Make sure you visit our website for complete tour details including photos, maps, additional notes, and even virtual tours.

Thanks for reading, and happy traveling!

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