December 4, 2013
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Traveling is a very exciting thing to do nowadays and is practiced by a lot of people. There are many locations you can travel to, but one of the most popular is the United Kingdom thanks to its diversity. Besides the obvious benefits of relaxation and stress-relief, traveling offers many other things such as learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and discovering new things. Now traveling is fun, but one must be careful to make sure everything is accounted for; things like hotels, insurance, etc, are all needed. You can of course do everything yourself, but you can avoid the complications and problems that arise by using a company such as ours that will manage everything for you. Here is a short summary of the services we at Tweet World Travel offer:


We offer a vast range of tours for our customers to many locations. These tours give a full package to you, and will have you travel across many different places where you will sightsee and do other interesting things. Accommodation (hotels or cruises or both) and food are included in tours.

Tours are sorted on our website by type (adventure, family, etc) and by destinations. One sample tour that includes the United Kingdom is our Eastern Canada and New England, which we recommend you check out

If you want a guided, fun-packed vacation, definitely give these tours a go!


You cannot get to your destination without a flight, which is why we offer a collection of flights for our clients to choose from. Flights are sorted under two categories: domestic flights and international flights. While you can browse our website and see the flight details, you can also contact us directly for personalized help and additional information.


Nobody knows when trouble might strike, which is why getting travel insurance is important. Insurance will cover you in the case of illness, accident, or other unexpected scenarios, and will ensure you don’t suffer monetary loss. We also provide Cover-More insurance that will give you 24-hour emergency assistance.

You can request an insurance quote directly from our website, available for both single and annual trips.

Car Rental

Having a car during your vacation is a big bonus as getting to your destinations will be a lot easier. Using our website, you can book your car and specify when and where you want to be picked up and dropped off. The car will pick you up directly at the airport upon arrival.


Finding a good quality hotel will greatly affect the outcome of your trip, which is why we offer you an effective set of tools to find your perfect match. You can do a basic search simply with your destination and desired dates, or you can do a more advanced search which includes hotel names, hotel chains, and ratings.


Finally, if you want an all-inclusive package this is where you want to look.


For additional details about all of the above, make sure you check out our website.

Thanks for reading, and happy travelling.

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