Cruising is currently the fastest growing travel in Australia. Every week thousands of passengers embark on a new and exciting adventure. You might think that cruising isn’t for you, but you would be wrong. Cruising suits almost everyone. With one packaged price that includes so much your cruise will have you barely lifting a finger or your credit card- unless you want!

There is an element to cruising I have not experienced in any other form of travel, and it’s that you are taken care of. From the moment you step onboard to the moment you say goodbye. There is the Cabin steward who is there for you morning and night, making sure you don’t lift a finger when it comes to making your bed and tidying up your mess. Your waiters at dinner who may stay the same every night or may change, either way you will get to know your favourite servers from around the ship and they will get to know you. The entertainment staff are there to do exactly what you think, keep you entertained. If you regularly attend the scheduled activities they will remember you and will always enjoy a laugh or two with you and other passengers. By the time you step off the ship you won’t just be missing your holiday you will be missing the friends you made in the crew!why choosing cruise holiday

There’s nothing like a holiday when you don’t have to worry about a thing. With cruising you will generally get to experience a few ports and towns sometimes even in different countries. On a regular land based trip doing this means getting up in the morning and checking out of your hotel and making your way to the next destination. Traveling between places is often the most stressful part of a holiday. With cruising after a long beautiful day in port you return to the ship and join in the activities and events or just hit the hay, and when you wake up you’re in a new exotic place. Don’t forget those important sea days as you get from one place to the next. A sea day is exactly what you need to start and finish your cruising trip. Relax and watch the endless open ocean drift by as you are transported to and from your destinations!

Cruises are a one of a kind holiday, with so much included you will wonder why you didn’t take one sooner!

Thank you for reading!

Elizabeth Wittwer

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