Why travel to Sri Lanka? | The pearl of the Indian Ocean

This tiny island nation, otherwise known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in the tropical climate, local culture, incredible wildlife, endless sandy beaches and the world-famous spicy food. Sri Lanka is surrounded by sea on all sides and boasts some of the most pristine coastlines in the world.

This small island has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in its small area, than anywhere else on earth and it has over 2,000 years of culture waiting to be discovered. The people of Sri Lanka are warm, friendly and very hospitable.  With so many cultures living together, life in Sri Lanka is a series of festivities throughout the year.

With our exceptional knowledge, attention to detail and carefully selected professional and courteous guides, we will take your expectations to the next level with our service and flexibility. Everything will be taken care of and you will be pampered in our luxury hotels, to make this a trip of a lifetime. Regardless of what your interests are, Sri Lanka has it covered!

It can be said with certainty that Sri Lankans love spices and food that explode with flavour! Sri Lanka’s cuisine is a distinctive blend of exotic spices, meats and the freshest vegetables. The wide range of cuisines that are available ensures that all taste buds are catered for – vegetarians, meat lovers and seafood lovers. Along with the traditional and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, there is also many Western and Asian inspired options. A visit to the Spice Garden, will give you an insight into the many spices and their uses in cooking and daily life.

Sri Lanka boasts 26 national parks and two marine parks. Sri Lanka features the highest density of leopards in the world, birds, crocodiles and sea turtles. It is common on safari to see endless herds of elephants gathered around the waterholes. Take a safari in one of the national parks to see the large elephant gatherings, leopards, sloth bears, sambhurs, spotted deer, civet cat, giant squirrel, and monkeys such as the macaque and the purple-faced leaf monkey- just to name some of the amazing wildlife you may see!

Surrounded by sea on all sides, this tiny island nation boasts some of the most pristine coastlines in the world. With sandy unpolluted beaches stretching on endlessly, palm trees swaying in the sea breeze and turquoise waters beckoning, Sri Lanka’s beaches are as magical as they come. All you need is to sit back with a cocktail and relax!

This teardrop shaped island sits near the tip of India in the Indian Ocean, near the Bay of Bengal. With dazzling white beaches, stunning landscapes, dense rainforests, waterfalls, misty mountains rising into the clouds, hillsides covered with paddy fields and tea estates, Sri Lanka has so much diversity to enjoy.

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural society, which reflects the immigration from many different countries. Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka's rich history and culture and explore Sri Lanka's famous Cultural Triangle. With a treasure trove of charming villages, ancient cities, cave temples, relics and religious monuments that showcase Sri Lanka’s early civilization, there is so much to discover.

Sri Lanka experiences two monsoon seasons but even during the monsoon periods, the weather is not consistently wet. To avoid the monsoon seasons, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is between January to April, and July to September.

Sri Lanka produces more tea than anywhere else in the world. We will take you to the cooler climates of the Hill Country where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and cascading waterfalls as you sample some of the world’s most flavorsome tea. Learn how the tea is produced and meet the friendly people that work on the plantations.

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